Craigslist PVA (Phone Verified Account) FOR SALE

Published: 20th July 2010
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I offer high quality pvas

In Order to post Ads and advertise on Craigslist Today you need a Phone verified Account (PVA). Craigslist pva's allow you to post ads on craigslist without the hassel of their phone verification system. We take care of that the only job you have to do is just post.

My Team are currently making about 75 pvas daily. All accounts are fresh and made the proper way by PVA standards. Each Account is is made with a different Unique US ip Address, one Unique US Phone Number, and has one or two dummy posts in each account to seal it and keep it active.

Each pva is made with a Unique US IP address and a different US phone number

My accounts are very cheap and are the best quality, I am a good provider and offer around the clock customer service answering questions and giving help. I offer replacement guarentee as well.

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